"Open Access" Studio Membership

"Open Access" Studio Membership  

For 4 years Illyria Pottery has offered courses and workshops for those interested in learning about pottery making in Oxford. But after you’ve taken a few of our courses, what’s the next step? (We know it’s addictive!) And what if you already have a good working knowledge of ceramics and just need a place to make without the tuition? That’s where our new “Open Access” Studio Membership programme comes in.

We’re excited to grant exclusive access to the Illyria Pottery workshop for Studio Members only. A limited number of spaces will be available for evening access (now booking while places last). Members will receive 16 hours of studio time per month and will be able to reserve sessions at their convenience (Tuesday-Saturday from 6-10pm). Members are able to book 2-hour and/or 4-hour sessions. Studio evenings can now be rearranged or cancelled to suit your life commitments. Booking a session guarantees an available pottery wheel and space for hand-building, decorating, glazing, etc.

Membership is designed for those who have had some pottery experience in the past. 
If that's not yet you, we recommend you come along to a pottery class first to learn some basic skills before beginning. Our open access is primarily self-guided. You don't need to be advanced to come along. This is a great opportunity for beginning or early-intermediate hobbyists who are looking for a place to advance their skills and enjoy experimenting in clay.

We care for your pots! After an evening of wheel throwing, simply leave your pieces out on the central worktable. We carefully dry pots to the leatherhard stage and then tightly wrap each in plastic so they're ready for trimming, adding handles, carving, etc. when you next return. 

Membership is offered either on a monthly basis for £175 per month or on a contract basis for three months for £125 per month (minimum commitment of three consecutive months is required for the lower rate). Payment by direct debit only for 3-month memberships. Priority for booking subsequent months will be given to those who have booked in before, so claiming a spot early is key. While most comparable programmes add a materials surcharge, Illyria Pottery’s studio membership includes access to the studio and materials (clays, glazes, and firings).

Studio membership will also come with a full studio induction where members will have a chance to become familiar with studio equipment, procedures, etc. A glazing tutorial is also included in the cost of the membership. 


3-month studio membership contract 
£125 per month

1-month only studio membership
£175 per month

If you require more hours to finish a project, you can purchase a pottery session top-up. For studio members only, an extra 2-hour session costs £15 and an extra 4-hour session is £30. 

If interested in being considered for membership, please email courses@illyriapottery.co.uk with “Open Access” in the subject line.

Those who have already paid may book their sessions here: 

  Book online

Please note that once booked any studio sessions missed are forfeited. We are unable to rebook any missed sessions. Once studio membership is booked for a specific month, it can't be transferred to another month. Studio hours are calculated per calendar month. Studio hours cannot roll over to the next month.