Illyria Pottery Internships

Every 6 months we bring on 5-6 individuals interested in ceramics to learn from Katie, help run our shop, and gain day-to-day studio experience. The internship is open to all. Regardless of background or experience level, if you're interested do let us know, and we'd be happy to interview you to see if you'd be a good fit for Illyria Pottery. 

The internship provides a dynamic experience that blends acquiring practical techniques in clay (throwing, handbuilding, glazing, firing, etc.) with running a studio and gallery space. The internship is unpaid, but Katie offers free instruction, studio time, materials, and firing in exchange for the studio and shop work. Many of our interns have returned for more than one internship period, and we're more than happy to extend the offer to successful interns who'd like to stay on.

Interns work 1 full day per week (10:15am-5:45pm). Studio time and instruction is offered on Monday nights from 5:45-9:00. 

We will be next interviewing on 9 October, 2017 for the Autumn/Winter internship (which will begin on the evening of the interviews and last until 7 April, 2018). We've had tremendous interest in the internship program this term and are now oversubscribed for interviews. Thank you all for your applications, and please do feel free to get in touch well in advance of the next round. Interviews for Spring/Summer Internship will be on 9 April, 2018 and last until 7 October, 2018. Please don't worry about holiday times, we're happy to work with you on the schedule. To be considered, please contact Katie Coston ( We look forward to hearing from you!

We've held an internship since 2014. It started with the University of Oxford's The Ruskin School of Art and we've expanded since then to included pre-professionals and professionals living within a commutable distance.