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Tree Bowl

Tree Bowl
This ceramic vessel was created on a pottery wheel. Before the bowl was allowed to dry completely, a faint sketch was made across the surface. Each section was then carefully cut out along these drawn lines opening up the wall to reveal the bare tree pattern.

This listing is for one, custom-made, Tree Bowl. The piece has not yet been created, and will be made to order in either the "Dry Blue Matte" or "Matte White" finish (both pictured). Please state which colour you would prefer in a note or conversation once you have placed your order.

The image showing multiple Tree Bowls lets you see the word mid process. This is raw clay and not the white finish.

Each bowl measure approximately 21cm (8 inches) by 16cm (6 inches).

Please note, these delicate pieces take some time to make (from spinning the wet clay on the wheel, to the carving, and finally to the two kiln firings necessary to complete the vessel). 8 weeks is average, but feel free to get in touch if you are in a pinch.

Each Tree Bowl is unique...just the way a handmade pot should be!

All Illyria Pottery is lead free.